We dream of an Arab world that respects human rights. Where youth, women and citizens are active in their communities and step up to responsibilities beyond their households to their local communities .Where they are able to hold decision makers accountable towards justice and dignity.

Our Vision Ahel contributes to creating a more just Middle East where the people and communities realize their own power and practice collaborative leadership based on shared values towards change.

Mission Bringing justice, equality and freedom is hard work. It is everyone’s responsibility. Democracy assumes that equal voice will deal with bad governance, unequal distribution of resources, limitation on freedoms. But in reality, equal voice assumed in democracy can’t counter those challenges unless it is organized. Once awakened and organized, equal voice may be able to stand up to unjust distribution of resources and rights.

Our mission is to support people organize their power and resources to lead campaigns for change towards justice and freedom using a value-based community-organizing model.

In the past six years of our journey, we partnered with some incredible and inspiring groups, organisations and individuals who take leadership and create change in their communities. Some in Jordan, some in Palestine and some in Lebanon. They enriched our learning and growth.

Some of them here.

Our community organizing framework provides people with tools to take leadership and transform their resources into power to achieve concrete changes in the world. Our public narrate approach motivates action and call on people to join. Popular education programs moves the base to evolve their political and social understanding in conversation with each other.

Ahel coached several campaigns in the past four years. Harvard University documented one of our campaigns, and the ILO another. We also wrote short campaign profiles.

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Mujtama3i is our learning platform for community organizing and campaigning. You may read activists reflections and organizing notes on Mujtama3i.

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