Ahel Team

Ahel is led by five staff members and draws on a pool of 28 trained coaches to support campaigns and provide training. Ahel has a consultative board called Ahel’s Ahel and a base of friends called Asdiqa’ Ahel. Below are the bios of some of its staff members.

Nisreen Hnisaj Ahmad is the co-founder and co-director of Ahel and Mujtama3i. She is a member of the Leading Change Network and a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School where she completed her Mid-Career Masters in Public Administration in 2008. For the past five years, she has been supporting communities organizing in Jordan, Tunisia and Syria either by coaching campaigns or running trainings and workshops always growing a group of community organizing coaches in the Middle East. Before entering the world of organizing, and from 1999 to 2007, she was providing legal counsel to the Palestinian negotiating team in the peace talks with Israel and before it, to the Palestinian Ministry of Economy on international trade agreements. In 1996, she received her LL.M in international trade law from the University of Edinburgh. In 1995, she received her bachelors’ degree in law from the University of Jordan.

Mais Irqmais1susi is the co-founder and co- director of Ahel and a contributor to Mujtama3i.org. Early January 2011, she became part of the community organizing team when she joined the 6minutes campaign and later continued with coaching more than 5 campaigns and running various narrative and organizing trainings in Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia. Mais has a BA in management information systems (University of Yarmouk), a Masters in Business Administration with concentration on International Business (NYIT) and she is a certified project manager (PMP certificate from PMI). Amongst the organizations she worked in is the Center for International Private Enterprise and the Arab Education Forum where she lead Safar – a mobility fund for Arab youth. Mais is a board member of the Arab Education Forum and a founding member of Raneen – an initiative that aims to create interactive Arabic audio content for children.

Reem Mannareem is a graduate of Italian Language from Jordan University and recently completed the Harvard Kennedy School course Leadership Organizing and Action. During her university years, Reem was an active in the university’s Community Service Office. She joined the Female Sexual Education Program and started training and coordinating their efforts on issues such as AIDS and Civic Education. After graduating, she became the Coordinator of Ayna Naqaf Campaign to stop what is knows as “honour” killings.  In 2012, Reem joined Ahel on part time basis to train and coach different campaigns and contribute to its learning platform Mujtama3i. In 2015 Reem became a full timer at Ahel and the lead coach for the Qom Ma Moalem Campaign in Irbid- for teachers’ rights and pay equity. She is a talented photographer, hosted two radio shows in the past and a facilitator of Dardashat – a dialogue forum for the youth at Ruwwad.

In the past Ashraf Hamzeh and Fida’ Shehadeh worked with us at Ahel and contributed to its success. We continue to be thankful to them.