Ahel’s Values

Ahel (Arabic) means a family that is not necessarily blood related. Mentioned in the Quran- it has two meanings: those who deserve and those who are capable. Ahel’s first value is its belief that the people with the cause are the most deserving and the most capable of bringing about the change sought. That is why they need to lead the effort. Ahel’s objective is for them to realize their power and grow it.

Ahel believes that leadership should be shared. Not only should it be shared within a team and among its members but also among teams and can’t be exclusive to one team.  This provides for a growing movement or campaign. For Ahel, the definition of leadership is enabling others to achieve purpose in the face of uncertainty.

We believe that success of community collective action has three dimensions:

  1. Achieving the specific change sought in the world.
  2. Building a growing community that knows how to share leadership, is organized and is guided by its explicitly set values.
  3. Ensuring that the individual learned and evolved throughout the experience.

Finally, head, heart and hands. Our action for change and our community mobilizing and organizing need to address people’s hearts (feelings that promote or inhibit action), heads (strategies and theories of change), and hands (action in the field as well as in the media).