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Public Narrative Course for Women Leaders

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Some leaders are very connected to their calling. They know which parts of their lives with its challenges and hopes led them to where they are. We love it when they share  that story, its motivating, it’s not egocentric and it advances the kind of leadership we care for. Some other leaders have mastered weaving in stories of their lives.

and lives around them in their discourse to change the general discourse that allows for inequality, injustice and damage to well-being. We love how they weave stories in their talks and avoid the traditional speech making as if someone is the holder of knowledge where being eloquent comes at the expense of listening and engaging with  others.

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For the first time in Ahel’s journey in Jordan, Ahel is organizing a 5 session course on Public Narrative – how to use storytelling for your leadership, to motivate others, to have a value conversation, to call people to action. This course will be delivered by Nisreen Haj Ahmad, who studied the course as well as taught it with Harvard Kennedy School and professor Marshall Ganz.

She will teach it as taught at Harvard with the reading material, the video examples and the practice assignments. It will also be conducted in English. We hope you will sign up. The class size will be limited to 20 people, so please sign up as soon as you can if interested.

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