Our Story

Our story began from the need to find different ways to enhance people’s ability to claim their rights. In 2011, Nisreen Haj Ahmad and Mais Irqsusi founded Ahel to work with people pursuing change through collective action to organize their voice and build shared leadership. The first three years passed, during which we tested the community organizing approach in Jordan and Palestine, and we contributed to their success in achieving important political and social change. They built people power and leadership but it came with sacrifices and challenges.

In 2016, Mays married and immigrated to Sweden, and Nisreen took a research year at Harvard University to reflect on the experience and research social movements. Reem Manna led Ahel and continued to coach Stand Up with the Teachers Campaign in Jordan and Sayr and Sayroura in Jerusalem. In 2017, both campaigns proved their success and strength. In 2018, we launched a new phase of Ahel with more hope, energy and commitment. We ran the online course titled Leading and Organizing Collective Action for Change reaching. We reached thousands of leaders in the Arab world and formed Athar Network. We enlarged the team and trained dozens of community organizing trainers and coaches.

This is the story of the first ten years and here you will find a summary of our impact so far. Now we prepare for the next ten years with the same sincerity, aware of the challenges and maintaining the hope. Follow us and support us.

Our Team

As our colleague Farah Halasa once said: “To work at Ahel you need a balance of a few things: an internal fire for change, thick skin, and continuous passion to learn.” This is our great team.

Tamara Khalaf
Director of Teaching & Learning

Reem Manna
Director of Campaign Coaching

Nisreen Haj Ahmad
Executive Director

Rahaf Abo Doha
Manager – Learning Courses

Farah Halasa
Campaign Coach & Project Manager

Joumana Abdulaziz
Media and Communication Manager

Noor Bustanji
Administrative Assistant

Walaa Abdulfattah
Projects Assistant

Nour Aldesi
Campaign Coach

Zena Khalil
Talent acquisition & management coordinator

Salem Atawneh
Financial Advisor

Rawaa Shawabkeh
Project Assistant

Join Ahel Team

Sara Ramahi
Social Media Coordinator

Sara Al Azraq

Community Organizing Trainers and Coaches

We met them in different campaigns, courses and workshops. They caught our attention with their leadership and passion for learning, and our values and approach captured their attention. We built their capacity through our Train the Trainers and Train the Coaches programs. While they are not employees of Ahel, they are partners in our vision and mission and because of them we can expand our reach and our support to more leaders and causes in the Arab world.عبدالناصر-160x160.jpg

Abdennceur Nasraoui – Tunis

رندة نفاع

Amani Jouza – Jordan

ميس العرقسوسي

Ahlam Abou Baker – Lebanon

ميس العرقسوسي

Rawan Zeine – Jordan

أحمد محمد عوض

Abdul Rahman Abu Nahel – Palestine

Reem Khashman – Jordan

هالة عاهد

Ruzeen Odeh – Palestineسامر-الشريف-160x160.jpg

Samer Shareef – Palestine

هالة عاهد

Huda Barakat – Lebanon

Maxwell Hani – Egypt

Mai Khazaela – Jordan

هالة عاهد

Fatemah Zaben – Jordanنور-الديسي-160x160.jpeg

Noor Dissi – Jordanمحمد-علاء-جراد-160x160.jpeg

Mohammad Jarad – Syria

Hadeel Kiswani – Jordan

Raji Jundi – Syria

Our Advisory Board “Ahel Ahel”

Twice a year we meet with our advisory board to review Ahel’s strategy, work plan and financial status. We also seek their advice and support throughout the year and we are constantly thankful to them.

أحمد محمد عوض

Ahmad Awad

لانا صويص

Lana Sweiss

رندة نفاع

Randa Nafaaائلة-عواد،-مديرة-جمعية-نساء-ضد-العنف-160x160.jpeg

Naela Awad

أحمد محمد عوض

Rama Halaseh

Daoud Kuttab

أحمد محمد عوض

Ikram Ben Said

Our partners

To coach leaders and campaigns and to teach community organizing and participatory leadership practices in the Arab world, we worked with many organizations that share our vision and values ​​and that seek to promote people power. We are thankful to our partners because they respect our decisions and the decisions of the campaigns and leaders we work with.