AHEL In the Media

Listen to Marshall Ganz’ podcast interview with Nisreen Haj Ahmad, cofounder and director of Ahel

Read a profile of Nisreen Haj Ahmad at the Harvard Kennedy School magazine article one, or this one in mobilization lab or the MEI feature from 2017 here.

Ahel’s online course of 2019 is featured here and the first campaign Ahel coached is studied here.

In Arabic there are more stuff of course, here is a few:

six minutes in a newspaper website
interview with me on a tv channel about Ahel
 how we moved public opinion to stop the gas deal (BDS)
interview with reem and one of the teachers about Stand Up with the Teachers
a news article about Ahel titled “Intensive effort to enable people of the cause to bring about the change they want”
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اهل للتنظيم المجتمعي

Ahel supports community groups and organizations that lead collective action to bring about change for freedom, justice and protection of human rights