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Ahel flagship workshops:  

1- Community organizing and leadership of collective action Workshop 

The Community Organizing workshop can expand from 3 days to 7 days. It introduces participants to shared and distributed leadership as well as community organizing methodology for leading collective action campaigns or movements. Depending on the duration of the workshop, it introduces and trains the participants on 6 main practices: 

a. Coaching leadership b. Public narrative c. Recruitment and commitment relationships d. Strategy including power analysis, theory of change, and tactics development e. Strong team formation and expanding in multiple teams f. Motivational task design and setting metrics.  These workshops are designed for those engaged in grassroot public action or those interested in evolving their leadership skills although not currently leading a campaign or part of a movement. The workshops invoke the head, heart, and hands of the participants. It is designed to be experiential as the participants apply their learning on a campaign of their choice – real or simulation. The workshop sets the participants in groups of 7 and each group has a training facilitator from Ahel at their table. 70% of the workshop time is in team work. At the end of the workshop, the participants leave with leadership practices, motivation for action, and a campaign story, strategy and structure.

2- Public narrative workshop 

This workshop can be conducted in one or two days. In the workshop, the participants develop and share their full public – narrative to renew their motivation, communicate their values, and call others to join them in action. Participants develop their story of self (their calling and source of motivation), their story of us (the community’s story and its shared values), and the story of now (the urgent action). Participants also learn to coach others stories and receive coaching- coaching that is empowering to the other. It is designed to be experiential as the participants apply their learning on their stories. The workshop sets the participants in groups of 7 and each group has a training facilitator from Ahel at their table. 70% of the workshop time is in team work.This workshop is useful for the individual as a leadership skill and useful for a group coming together to launch a joint path of action, or coming together to re-examine their collective identity and the values, or a group looking for motivation and re-commitment. Agency, Motivation, Leadership, Meaning Making, and Team Spirit.

Additional workshops and training are offered to leaders and organizers based on their needs when Ahel coaches their journey. Read here about the workshops and training that Ahel offers when coaching campaigns. 


Ahel has three main courses that it delivers yearly


Online course for Arab activists and leaders

Registration to the course starts in September and the course starts in February and ends in June. The course is open to those leaders and organizers who are pursuing collective action for specific change in their communities in any of the Arab countries. A biweekly live lecture and a biweekly section meeting. The 5 months course teaches participatory leadership, community organizing methodology to campaigns and movements, 6 organizing practices. It is an experiential course where students apply what they learn to their community projects and campaigns. This year 2020 we have 73 students enrolled from 13 Arab countries, Yemen to Mauritania. The course is run by a team of six: course director, lead lecturer, 4 teaching fellow and administrative assistant. Visit the course website here (in Arabic).

Offline course for Jordanian women leaders 

Every year Ahel teaches a 4 months course for women leaders that is similar to the online one focuses on leadership and organizing practices. Unlike the online course, this one does not necessitate that the women applicants have active campaigns, but it requires that they are leaders in their field. The course this year 2020, is an expanded version that includes modules about women rights movement and feminist theory. Applications will open in July and the course will start in September to end in December. Last year the course graduated 24 women and this year we are targeting 28 women leaders.

Public Narrative course for women leaders

This is a 6 week long course that focuses on teaching public narrative to women leaders. Namely focusing on how to construct your story of self, us and now to motivate and call others in action but also for meaning making and taking charge of the narrative that surrounds women leadership. Ahel delivered this course only once to 10 women leaders and is considering offering it again. (Press here to see the syllabus and here to express interest in the course)

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