Case Study of Let Me Keep My Childhood (La Tkabrona) campaign in Lebanon

فبراير 13, 2023by ahel

This study documents the journey of the “Let Us Keep Our Childhood” campaign, also known as “La Takbrouna Badna Zghar,” which aimed to prevent child marriages and engagements of Syrian girls under the age of 18 in the Middle Bekaa region of Lebanon. Despite facing challenging economic conditions and societal obstacles, the campaign successfully prevented 60 child marriages and postponed 55 engagements during its initial stages. The study outlines the campaign’s process of choosing its goal, forming the team, defining its strategy and tactics, leading to its success, and organizing the celebration.

The study’s second edition includes an annex covering the campaign’s phases from the end of 2019 until 2022. During this period, the campaign succeeded in canceling 109 engagements and postponing 90 engagements until 18 years of age. The annex documents the experiences and lessons learned from the campaign’s journey and its ability to expand and endure.

You  can view the case study by following this link.